A New Year of Cubs

My New Year’s resolution was to blog more often in 2012 than I was in 2011. I blogged practically never in 2011, so by completing this entry I’ll have fulfilled my resolution! This was much easier than resolving to lose weight, or learn a new language or something lame like that.

One of the things about being a Cubs fan is that it makes you pretty easy to shop for. I’m pretty much guaranteed to get at least two or three things from my family emblazoned with the Cubs logo each Christmas, and that’s great. Part of my Cubs-related haul this Christmas was the 2012 Cubs wall calendar. And boy oh boy, this is a thing.

First of all, I want to say that I have the utmost sympathy for the people who had to put this calendar together. Trying to find 12 players on the 2011 Cubs roster anyone would want to look at for 30 days at a time is hard enough. But we’re only a few days into 2012 and this calendar already looks a little…outdated. Here’s how the calendar breaks down month-by-month:

JANUARY: Blake DeWitt

FEBRUARY: Matt Garza

MARCH: Aramis Ramirez

APRIL: Andrew Cashner

MAY: Starlin Castro

JUNE: Ryan Dempster

JULY: Tyler Colvin

AUGUST: Geovany Soto

SEPTEMBER: Alfonso Soriano

OCTOBER: Carlos Marmol

NOVEMBER: Marlon Byrd

DECEMBER: Carlos Zambrano

Matt Garza is being shopped around for a potential trade. Aramis Ramirez became a free agent and went to Milwaukee. Andrew Cashner was traded. Starlin Castro – worst-case scenario – could be indicted, convicted and jailed for alleged sexual assault. Tyler Colvin was traded. Alfonso Soriano reportedly is being shopped around, too. Marlon Byrd is expected to be dealt. Carlos Zambrano was traded.

That means only 4 out of 12 Cubs featured on the 2012 Cubs wall calendar are absolutely guaranteed to be on the 2012 Opening Day roster, and one of them is Blake DeWitt. Again, I don’t want to disparage the fine work being done by the folks at Perfect Timing Inc., but…wait a second: “Perfect Timing Inc.?” Well, what else would you call it when you’ll be looking at Carlos Zambrano in a Cubs uniform a full three months after he finishes his first full season as a Miami Marlin? This will be a long year.


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